About Us

Welcome to Murbel Communications.

Murbel Communications is a division of Afrikgold International.

We help businesses and individuals to succeed online with our cutting edge software solutions and web services.

Who Are We

Murbel Communications is a division of Afrikgold International.Murbel Communications is a Web Development and Digital Marketing Agency with sole aim of helping businesses, organizations and ideas succeed online. We specialized on Web development, E-commerce Solutions, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Strategies, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Web Hosting and Web Solutions Development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deploy latest web technologies and digital skills to support our clients goals and aspirations and help them achieve their aims and objectives irrespective of their budgets.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the world best Web Development and Digital Marketing Agencies and also serve as warehouse of business development and growth for businesses, organizations, individual and their ideas.

What We Do


Our Philosophy

Murbel philosophy is to help others achieved their set goals and objectives.

Our 6-D Process



We research and discover your needs.



We define and analyse solutions to your problems.



We design the solutions that meet your needs.



We develop cutting edge solutions for your needs.



We deploy the solutions to your needs.



The we deliver what you want at the right time.

Why Choose Us?

We pay close attention to our clients needs and create appropriate solutions to meet them.

We place emphasis on quality softwares and web solutions.  

Our support team are always available to support our customers across the world.

Our products and services are tailor towards achieving your expected results and goals.

Our support team are super.

We make sure our customers get value for their money and secure the desire Returns on Investment.

Our team is made up of the best and capable professionals

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