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News Website and Professional Blog Development

The future of of medial is online. We help organizations and individuals set up Online News Website/Portals and Professional Blog . You will news and blog post delivered to your audience with News Content Marketing System.

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We develop News Websites for clients that need digital media platform tailored solution for a  Content Management System.  We can also help you convert your passion, hobbies, and expertise to a professional blog with full domain name like www.yourblog.com.

Some of the noteworthy benefits that we offer along with our custom Web Development, Professional Blog and News Portal Services include the following:

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[iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=” The scope of the project is delivered as agreed” icon_color=”#00c2e5″ icon_name=”sl-check”][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”Detailed CMS implementation and support” icon_color=”#00c2e5″ icon_name=”sl-check”][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”Highly scalable Web Solutions” icon_color=”#00c2e5″ icon_name=”sl-check”]
[iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”latest web technology at affordable cost” icon_color=”#00c2e5″ icon_name=”sl-check”][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”Keep Your Website Optimized and SEO Friendly” icon_color=”#00c2e5″ icon_name=”sl-check”][iconbox type=”7″ icon_title=”Competent and experienced project management team” icon_color=”#00c2e5″ icon_name=”sl-check”]
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[iconbox icon_title=”Site Development” iconbox_content=”Our team will give you a pixel perfect, SEO-friendly, mobile response cross-platform and standards-compliant news portal or professional blog.” icon_name=”sl-wrench”]
[iconbox icon_title=”News Content Management System” iconbox_content=”If you are looking of news portal or professional blog that you can easily mange without unnecessary technicalities, you cant count on us.” icon_name=”sl-layers”]
[iconbox icon_title=”Blog Migrations” iconbox_content=”Are you looking to convert your blogspot or wordpress to a standard news portal or professional blog? Let us handle it for you. All your content will be move to the news portal or blog.” icon_name=”sl-screen-desktop”]
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Lets start
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Mobile app development, web development,digital marketing or corporate training, we are here here to server you. Murbel Communications is a Mobile Development Company In Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, powered by exceptional team of experts with over 12 years experience.

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Projects that we have done.

In the last twelve years, we have delivered projects that transform client’s goals to reality.

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