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What Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a form of Digital marketing that alloy you to place your adverts or launch your campaign on various search engines  giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  This allow you to to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links whenever internet users search what is similar or related to their needs and terms about their topics of interest. It includes Pay Per Click and Pay Per Thousand Impression.

Pay Per Click  is a type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee when their ads is clicked. While Pay Per Impression  is a type of marketing which advertisers pay a fee  when people views the adverts.

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Search Engine Marketing Management

Various search engines such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Search and Bing Ads are very vital tools to your business. With Murbel’s Search engine Marketing (SEM)  experience, we will help move your business and ideas to the next level. We will customize strategies and reports  designed for  your needs.
We offer support and guidance you require to accomplish your business objectives, be it maximizing return on investment, generating leads or creating brand awareness.

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[distance type=”3″][iconbox icon_title=”SEM Audits” iconbox_content=”Murbel SEM Audit process starts from understanding audit objective, coverage and leading to data analysis.

” icon_name=”sl-eyeglass”][distance type=”2″][iconbox icon_title=”Bing Advertising” iconbox_content=”Murbel’s team has the training and expertise you need to make the most of Bing’s popular ads platform.
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[distance type=”3″][iconbox icon_title=”Search Engine Optimization” iconbox_content=”Murbel can help you with Search Engine Optimization of your website or landing page that can drive your target audience toward much targeted desired actions.

” icon_name=”sl-rocket”][distance type=”2″][iconbox icon_title=”Display Advertising” iconbox_content=”We will help you with display ads that will be targeting an audience that has already shown interest in your service or product.

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[distance type=”3″][iconbox icon_title=”Google AdWords” iconbox_content=”Working with us gives you the benefit of a full-time AdWords expert without the extra cost of employing full-time employee.” icon_name=”fa-google”][distance type=”2″][iconbox icon_title=”Remarketing and Retargeting” iconbox_content=”Improve Return on Investment and increase conversions by marketing to people who have all ready visited your websites or store.

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Brief Process of Our Search Engine Marketing Campaign:

Our SEM management service includes the following components:

  • SEM  Campaign Strategy
  • Relevant Keywords Research
  • Advert Creative Development
  • Campaign set-up
  • Advert Bid Management and Return on Investment Tracking
  • Landing Page Design and Optimization
  • Advert Campaign Management and Analysis
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Lets start
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Mobile app development, web development,digital marketing or corporate training, we are here here to server you. Murbel Communications is a Mobile Development Company In Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, powered by exceptional team of experts with over 12 years experience.

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Our Projects

In the last twelve years, we have delivered projects that transform client’s goals to reality

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